Our Founder

Meet Patrick Kampangwe.

Patrick is the founder of Twin Foundation. He lives in Twatasha, A community that is part of the city of Kitwe, in Zambia. Patrick himself is a widower, hence why the foundation is so important to him.

Patrick has 3 children that he takes care of. Comfort, his eldest girl is 15 years old. Humility, his only, son is 12. Kindness, his adorable youngest child, is 7 years of age.

Along with starting and running this foundation, Patrick works at Friends of the Street Children, an outreach program to help get children off the street and rehabilitate them into a normal everyday life without drugs.

Patrick has a kind and compassionate heart. He is willing to do anything he can to help the vunerable people in his community. He devotes a majority of his free time to working on developing Twin Foundation, without receiving any personal gain.