Just some of the bags that are made everyday at Twin Foundation in Zambia! All the profits from these products go towards helping the widows and children involved in the foundation!\





Twin Foundation Programmes

  • School – From early childhood to grade 8.
  • Sewing & Tailoring
  • Family economic empowerment
  • GLOW – Girls Leading Our World
  • Feeding
  • Recreation
  • HIV/AIDS & T.B. awareness training
  • Our orphanage

Target Group

  • Orphans and vulnerable children
  • Widows
  • Child-headed houses
  • Female empowerment

Target Areas

  • Twatasha
  • Racecourse
  • Kamatipa
  • Kawama

Support Groups

Twin Foundation has 5 support groups in its working areas. These are committees which facilitate the implementation of the organisation activities at grassroot levels. Each support group consists of a chairperson, a vice chair, a secretary, a treasurer and five committee members, with 25 to 40 members. All these are volunteers.