About Twin Foundation

Twin Foundation is a charitable, non-governmental organisation which upholds Christian morals and values. The organisation was founded in December, 2012.

Mission Statement

Twin Foundation exists to bring hope, help and remedy to widows, orphans, and vulnerable children.


To develop a self-supporting business to widows and formation of character development and academic achievement to orphans and vulnerable children.


To reach out to widows, orphans and vulnerable children with good news and sustainable, viable survival skills, embracing a holistic approach to education.


To bring hope and a bright future.

Twin Foundation was created in 2012 by Patrick Kampangwe and his wife, Helen. Together they wanted to work to help support the vulnerable people in their community, specifically orphans and widows. The goal is to empower the widows in their local community while giving the orphan children an opportunity to go to school.

Unfortunately a year after establishing Twin Foundation, Helen died of an illness. Twin Foundation lost its main source of inspiration and support. For the year following these tragic events, Twin Foundation functioned minimally.  The foundation was not running at its full potential. A lot of the projects that were running stopped and the widows were starting to lose the financial support and empowerment that they had received from the foundation.

By the grace of God, Twin Foundation is now fully functional again. The main source of income that the foundation has is the selling of  handmade Bags, Aprons, Purses, Headbands and Scrunchies in the local market and to tourists. The main problem with this though is that they did not have enough money to buy a substantial amount of fabric. A Canadian colleague helped Patrick to get a donor that helped get the sewing project up and running fully. Once we established our sewing project we decided it was time to focus on our children.

A lot of the children that our foundation supports do not have a very stable home life. A majority of these children are vulnerable and at-risk, or are orphans. This can mean that some of them don’t know where their next meal will be coming from. It can be extremely difficult for a child to focus on their education when they have much bigger concerns. The main goal of our school is to make if free and available for any child in need. This includes free textbooks, school supplies and school lunches. With the rest of the money that was donated to the foundation we started a daily feeding program for the kids, based off of the idea of trying to give them as much nutrients as possible while also filling their stomach. This currently runs daily and the widows help with the cooking.

Twin foundation is a work in progress, and although we have made a lot of progress, it is going to be an up hill battle to accomplish everything we want to do. We are currently starting a gardening project, a knitting project, and school has just started. All of these things need funding and thats where you can possibly help. The goal is too build a school within the next two years, to help both the students and the widows. This will cost around $20,000 USD. We are currently doing everything we can, including selling the products that the foundation make. It will take a lot more that this to get the foundation the money it needs and deserves.